Thinking of Jumping the Pond?

NonEEA Candidates who are preparing for the College of Optometrists examinations will also find the pre-registration articles and posts within our pages useful.  For candidates who are spread around the globe and who may not be able to get to a course we host regualr online Webinars where you will have the opportuity to listen to Examiners who are familiar with the examination format.  Subscribe to our mailing list and we shall keep you up to date, or jointhe Ask the Examiner discussions online here at any time!

Courses and Webinars focused on NonEEA Candidates:

  • Meet Online Live! Lectures for NonEEA Candidates
  • One to One tuition
  • Articles and podcasts
  • Ask the Examiner discussion groups
  • Join the Facebook page Optometrists: NonEEA and in the UK! and meet other candidates now!

Use the Categories in the side bar to go to the NonEEA pages


  1. Hi , I am submitting portfolio for Non EEA optometry exam, do clear view training offer any portfolio check services before submitting to GOC?
    Pls, let me know the details…..

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