Ask the Examiner: the OSCE’s

For those of you who are preparaing for the forthcoming College of Optometrists OSCE’s (Objective Structured Clinical Examination), then we have created an Ask the Examiner thread.  Please feel free to join the discussion!

Contact Lenses Competency 7.5

Competency 7.5: The ability to manage the aftercare of patients wearing rigid gas permeable lenses This competency assesses your ability to take a good history and symptoms from an existing rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens wearer and to manage any contact lens related signs or symptoms that the patient may present with.  Despite the decreasing number […]

Has RGP fitting become the new ‘rocket science?’

Over recent years I appear to be fitting less and less rigid gas permeable lenses in the GOS.  At a recent gathering, some friends were even debating whether or not GP lens fitting should now become a ‘specialist service’ only to be provided by practitioners who manage to demonstrate the experience. After all, with dwindling […]