Gather Round…

Peer Review,  the topic of the moment.  We all have to do it.  We all have  to sign up for it.  But what exacty is it?

CLEARVIEW Training has been hosting group based discussion and peer review sessions for several years.  It has long been our understanding that Peer Review is by far one of the most effective methods of learning and thus one of the best methods of CET delivery we have at our disposal.  To that end we are continuing to develop several methods of delivery so that out clients benefit from the experience that we already have to date.

Gather a group of practitioners, from twenty something to seventy something.  Present them with an interesting case (it may be yours, his or it may even be mine I saw yesterday), and let the discussion begin.  Peer Review sessions are an opportunity to learn from each other and to share.  They are often great fun, highly entertaining and ultimately very rewarding.  You can use your own cases or we can provide cases for you.  The cases are there simply to stimulate disucssion – where you want to take it is up to you!

Peer review solutions:

  • Organising and delivering group discussions from IP to Dispensing
  • Facilitation
  • Facilitator Training
  • Providing facilitator, cases, guidance and dicussion notes.
  • Large and small groups
  • Remote access and video links for those who are either stranded in snow, missed the bus or simply too busy to leave the practice!

Feedback from our recent Peer Review Sessions,

I really enjoyed this training session. It was my first peer review experience. I feel I gained a lot from the discussions. If sessions could be offered in different locations within the region this would cut down on travelling time and make these events more accessible to everybody.

Very well presented, reassuringly friendly and non judgmental.

Learned a lot about common practice among my peers

I enjoyed the evening, which is so important. If people enjoy something then they will do it again. 

Very good evening.  Venue easy to get to, food very good and content useful.  I prefer using the made up record cards as it was more comfortable to discuss them without risk of upsetting people’s feelings.

Peter Chapman was an excellent facilitator, peer review was valuable process generally, would have been happy to bring my own cases for comment on by a wider group