Meet Online Live! Lectures

Are you unable to attend a CET lecture because you now reside in a different time zone?

Are you a business whose employees are unable to take a day out of practice or are you simply spread too far and wide?

Then Meet Online Live! could offer you the perfect solution…

CLEARVIEW Training has successfully implemented an online web based platform for hosting group discussions, interviews and lectures for several years, from New Zealand to Southend. Meet Online Live! Lectures may be hosted at any time during a 24 hour period, bringing together delegates from all over the world within one time zone.  We can host lectures at any time of the day to anyone in the world in almost any subject.

Meet Online Live! Solutions include:

  • Hosting group meetings for employees without leaving the practice.
  • Exam candidate lectures connecting trainees from up and down the country.
  • Trainee lectures and tutorials, from one to one tuition, small groups and larger online meetings.
  • Live CET lectures and Peer Review Meetings for disperse groups such as IP.
  • Live CET Lectures for practitioners who are either unable to spend time out of practice or who live in rural locations.