Student Resources: Dispensing & Occupational Optometry

Here are some articles and books we have found for you to assist you in your studies: New British Standard for Mounted Spectacles Optician 2009 (Ronal Rabbetts): DOWNLOAD Rx spectacle lens standards: Do we have what we need? Optician 20122 (Colin Fowler): DOWNLOAD Safety & Protective Eyewear (ABDO): DOWNLOAD Occupational Optometry (Carson): Link here to ABDO […]

Visit 3: Your guide to Competency 4.2.1

4.2.1 Advises on the use of, and dispenses simple low vision aids including simple hand and stand magnifiers, typoscopes and handheld telescopes. Compulsory Evidence – Patient Record/s The indicators for this competency statement include: Identifies which patients would benefit from low vision aids and advice Understands the principles of magnification, field of view and working […]

Protected: Prescription Analysis – Pantoscopic to Prism – Andrew Keirl discusses how to dispense with confidence

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Protected: Contact Lens Competencies: RGP Fitting & Aftercare

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Protected: Binocular Vision Competencies: Optical Express Trainees

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Remember, remember.. 10 people a year lose eyesight due to fireworks!

This article was first published last year and a recent phone call from a concerned parent has prompted our review.  One of his concerns was the lack of saftety glasses made available for children around this time of year.  In his bid to get leading supermarkets who are involved in the supply of fireworks to consider the eye safety […]

Mambo No5: (A little bit of.. City University!)

We thought that video was so good that we would host it on our front page for all visitors to see.  The film was a concept put together by a talented team of final year optometry students at City University.  It went on to win the AOP’s AFTA for Best Film and Television  in 2011 and […]

Sightsavers treats nearly 30 million for eye diseases in 2011

But charity pledges to help millions more and build on successes announced in Annual Review Development organisation Sightsavers treated almost 30 million people suffering from eye diseases in some of the poorest countries in the world last year, according to results published in its Annual Review. The organisation distributed antibiotics to people suffering from trachoma, […]

Binocular Vision Competency 8.2

Competency 8.2: An understanding of the management of a patient with an anomaly of binocular vision The proper interaction of the eyes under normal circumstances gives rise to Binocular Single Vision (BSV), however there are numerous conditions which can lead to a breakdown of the BV system.  The object of BV assessment is to establish the […]

Corneal blindness patients receive stem cell transplant

Corneal diseases are the second leading cause of major blindness and at least 20 million people worldwide suffer from corneal disease. A team of Scottish researchers were recently able to transplant stem cells into the eyes of two corneal blindness patients and the doctors will know if the procedure is successful within a few months. […]

AOP Awards 2012 – new categories announced

With the huge success of the inaugural 2011 AOP Awards, the Association has decided to increase the number of categories this year to 16. The new categories include Specialist Practice of the Year, Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year, Optical Assistant of the Year and Optical Bravery Award Last year saw the original nine categories […]

Communication Skills Competency 1.1

Competency 1.1 – Overarching competency: The ability to take an accurate history from patients with a range of optometric conditions This competency does what it says on the tin.  To pass this the Assessor needs to witness via a variety of methods that an accurate, relevant history can be taken and recorded from a number of […]

The OSCES, Selective Attention and the Invisible Gorilla

First Published in Optometry Today, May 2011 History: why did the College implement the move? The College introduced the OSCE’s, or Objective Structured Clinical Examinations a few years back as a forward move to a system of pre-registration examinations that were seen to be less biased, impartial and non-discriminatory. Like many significant changes in any […]

BBC Health: Avastin – The NHS could save £84m a year

BBC Health – The NHS could save £84m a year by using a cheaper drug to treat a leading cause of blindness, research suggests.  NHS-funded research says both Lucentis and Avastin have a similar effect in preventing loss of sight when used for wet age-related macular degeneration. Lucentis costs about £700 an injection, and Avastin £60 […]

Protected: CET Article: A practical approach to the management of low vision: Understanding Community Care

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Sink or Swim! Online CET articles launching soon!

Oh dear, that’s a bad pun.  But we do like our goldfish! However, here at CLEARVIEW Training we have had many request for online CET.  So, whether you need a CET points top up or would like to find an article  more in line with your patient base or personal development plan then keep a […]

Protected: CET VRICS Article: Problems at the Periphery

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Peter’s Guide to Facial Measurements

Still getting your splay mixed up with your crest? For those of you currently preparing for the summer NonEEA exams, Peter has kindly been busy taking pictures to assist you in Dispensing. Please feel free to comment and let us now if you find them useful.  

Andrew Keirl, Senior Associate Lecturer

Andrew Keirl BOptom (Hons) MCOptom FBDO Andrew’s carer in optics started way back in 1979 as a student Dispensing Optician with Dollond & Atchison.  Following qualification as a Dispensing Optician he worked as a practice manager from 1982 to1984 before being appointed Training Officer for Dollond and Aitchison.  In 1989, he was asked to join […]

Professional Conduct Competency 2.4

Competency 2.4: The ability to make a judgement regarding referral and an understanding of referral pathways Referral of patients to another practitioner may be classed as an emergency, urgent or routine referral.  You need to know when to refer the patient to the GP, Hospital Eye Service or another eye care practitioner. This competency examines your […]