Online Peer Discussion Groups (Optometrists)


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There are no more events scheduled for this year.

NOTE: These sessions are open to GOC Registrants who live remotely or who live overseas and who are unable to attend locally based Peer Discussion/Peer Review Groups.

For approval from the GOC to join the online Peer Discussion, please contact Joy Bolt, CET Manager at the GOC

The minimum number of attendees for each group is 4.  Due to the nature of online Peer review we shall have a maximum of 6 attendees per session. If the session is not full, CLEARVIEW Training have the right to cancel the session.  However we shall try to accommodate all GOC registrants.

Attendees joining the session must have a PC/Mac, webcam and interactive audio (VOIP). The duration of the session is one hour. Please allow 1.5 hrs.  The session is recorded and may be used as evidence of your attendance and participation for the GOC if requested.

The sessions below are for Optometrists (General Points) only.  If you are a GOC registered Contact Lens Optician or an Optometrist on a Specialist Register (Therapeutics) please contact us directly.



There are no events currently scheduled


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Contact us directly for booking, stating your full name as it appears on the GOC register, your preferred session dates and times, and your current GOC Registration number.Please note – these sessions are only for those who have been approved by the GOC to attend an online event.