The contact lens patient knows best

There I was, Friday afternoon, reflecting on a week comprising of mainly routine refractions but with the few interesting cases that kept my brain active. However, one area of clinical practice that I had observed during the week worried me: Contact lens wearers seem to know best!

Swimming around in a pool of acanthamoeba

I am a keen swimmer.  Over the past few years swimming has gradually become my main form of exercise. I wear goggles, I wear contact lenses, and when I occasionally forget either one or both, I usually muddle on and get some quality exercise all the same.

The CET Cycle: need to make a point or gain a point?

I already have my 36 CET points.  In fact I have significantly more than that and I managed to achieve the minimum within the first 6 months of this cycle. I achieved most of them waiting for the 5:15 from Leicester to Melton, a mere 10 minute journey.  Honestly, there is really little else to […]

Contact lenses over the Internet – Shall I dare?

I ran out of contact lenses this week.  From whom do I order my next batch? Although I do work as an optometrist regularly, I do not own or run my own practice.  So over the past few years, unless I have been in a regular job with an organised discount scheme, I have found […]

Hospital Referrals

Having started back in the Hospital Eye Service recently after several years of absence I have been absolutely amazed at the variation in quality of referral letters that come in from optometrists and GPs working within our Local Health Authority. Some letters are absolutely dreadful and say very little, whilst many others (sadly far fewer, […]

Barking up the wrong tree? The value of the Pinhole

Interesting case this.  I feel that this young man’s long journey through the hospital could have been prevented.  What do you think? Young Asian male, 21. In excellent health.  No relevant Family History. C/o reduction in his vision (one eye) over past 18 months.  Saw own optometrist 12 months ago who could not find a […]

BV or not BV? That was the question

I remember reaching a crossroads in my career a number of years ago. I was nearing the end of my first year of training as an Orthoptist and on a clinical placement in a hospital in the West Midlands. One afternoon, I sat in with an Optometrist in order to understand the work that they […]

So it begins…

So, the question you are asking is why?  Easy answer… As I started to mull over the first blog entry, I considered what activities are ongoing within the profession at this time and what I felt would be a good topic to initiate debate. However, I found that the list of subjects became so long […]