Sightsavers treats nearly 30 million for eye diseases in 2011

But charity pledges to help millions more and build on successes announced in Annual Review Development organisation Sightsavers treated almost 30 million people suffering from eye diseases in some of the poorest countries in the world last year, according to results published in its Annual Review. The organisation distributed antibiotics to people suffering from trachoma, […]

Corneal blindness patients receive stem cell transplant

Corneal diseases are the second leading cause of major blindness and at least 20 million people worldwide suffer from corneal disease. A team of Scottish researchers were recently able to transplant stem cells into the eyes of two corneal blindness patients and the doctors will know if the procedure is successful within a few months. […]

The OSCES, Selective Attention and the Invisible Gorilla

First Published in Optometry Today, May 2011 History: why did the College implement the move? The College introduced the OSCE’s, or Objective Structured Clinical Examinations a few years back as a forward move to a system of pre-registration examinations that were seen to be less biased, impartial and non-discriminatory. Like many significant changes in any […]

The latest dieting aid revealed: blue tinted spectacles

The spectacles are designed to prevent dieters from overeating because they make food look less appealing. The theory behind the glasses is that the blue hue acts an appetite suppressant, because few foods are naturally that colour. The eyewear, developed in Japan, has recently gone on sale there priced around £10 and is expected to become the […]

Photophobic or Over Sensitive?

Bright light. It’s horrible. Who does like looking at bright light? I don’t. So when a patient presents with a chief complaint of photophobia, what are we meant to do? I have had two cases in the last two weeks.  The first was a student who felt that his photophobia had got progressively worse over […]

Focused or Focussed?

You would think that I would know by now but a long term debate over spelling stlll leaves me in a quandary when I write articles.  Focussing or Focussed, Focusing or Focused. Is this a difference between UK and US or simply that we have all agreed to disagree? You would think I’d be able […]

Caroline Christie says.. It’s Never Too Late – New Year’s Resolution 2012

  YES there is still time, it is still that time of year when new beginnings and New Year Resolutions are still fresh and unbroken so an opportunity to try something new in terms of re-charging your “batteries” in 2012. Look no further listed below here are some of my ideas: Consider attending a training […]

Carrots – one of the greatest urban myths

I gave a talk at a local school recently.  One boy put his hands up, ‘My mum tells me that eating lots of carrots helps you to see better in the dark.’ Whilst I would in no way wish to cross another parent’s comment on the importance of eating vegetables, especially with the great uphill […]

Do as I say, not as I do.

Most of us have bad habits, most of us do things we shouldn’t do, eat too much chocolate, or have one too many glasses of wine at the weekend. Most practicing Optometrists spend our days giving out advice and best practice to patients hoping that it will be followed. Always wash your hands before touching […]

Has RGP fitting become the new ‘rocket science?’

Over recent years I appear to be fitting less and less rigid gas permeable lenses in the GOS.  At a recent gathering, some friends were even debating whether or not GP lens fitting should now become a ‘specialist service’ only to be provided by practitioners who manage to demonstrate the experience. After all, with dwindling […]