What’s on BV – Episode 3 – How to get more from your occluder – Part 3

When is a tropia not a tropia? The previous episodes have covered the topics of asymmetric phoria and the importance of recovery in latent squint. This episode aims to highlight the importance of observing both the covered and uncovered eye on the cover test. I tested an 11 year old girl recently who has a […]

What’s on BV – Episode 2 – How to get more from your occluder – Part 2

What do we mean by recovery? In the last episode, we saw that concomitant deviations do not have to be symmetrical, and that in the case of anisometropia, one may see an asymmetrical movement of the eyes on the alternate cover test.  This episode highlights the importance of the recovery movement seen on cover test. […]

What’s on BV – New Series

Welcome to the first episode of the new ‘What’s on BV’ series, where I hope to highlight some examples of BV tests that I find particularly useful in clinical decision making.  Unfortunately there is no free binder with part one, but I hope they prove a useful collection in the long run.  If there are any […]

Christine Astin’s Guide to Basic RGP Fitting

In time for the third quarter assessments, Christine Astin’s article on RGP fitting has been revamped for you to use and share.  thank you Christine! Three main areas should be considered: Initial data gathering Lens Fit Analysis Ordering of the rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens. 1.  Initial data gathering: Recent routine refraction – note the […]

Ask the Examiner: Non EEA

If you are currently working towards the College of Optometrists’ Examination for Non-EEA Optometrists, you may be interested in our Facebook Study Group: Optometrists: Non-EEA and in the UK!. The objectives of the group are promote discussion between past and present candidates, share exam tips, experiences and ideas. In addition, we are now hosting an online discussion: […]

Differential Prism – a common exam fail

A 78-year-old patient presented for refraction following a cataract extraction on the Right Eye. A nice easy start after lunch I thought.  During history and symptoms she explained there may have been some complications during the surgery but was unsure exactly what those complications had been.

Binocular Vision FAQs. Your questions answered.

Binocular Vision was always one of my worries as a trainee.  But why should that be?  Is is poorly taught at university perhaps?  Well, the answer to that is probably not.  For some reason it is one of those topics that many have had trouble getting their heads around.  And yet , there are only […]

Retinoscopy – What do you do with yours?

Over the past 18 months a friend of mine has been complaining of a deterioration her vision.  She is a soft CL and Spectacle wearer.  She originally complained that her new CL were not up to the job and even her glasses did not seem ‘strong enough’ (her words). After three visits to her own […]