Acceptable Abbreviations – Student Resources

The College of Optometrists have a list of acceptable abbreviations which students/candidates may find useful when studying for the examinations. You can find the link to the webspage on the College website here. Alternatively download it here!

Communication Skills Competency 1.1

Competency 1.1 – Overarching competency: The ability to take an accurate history from patients with a range of optometric conditions This competency does what it says on the tin.  To pass this the Assessor needs to witness via a variety of methods that an accurate, relevant history can be taken and recorded from a number of […]

Visual Function Competency 3.8

Competency 3.8: An understanding of the special examination needs of patients with learning and other disabilities This competency deals with the trainee’s ability to adapt  the eye examination to meet he needs of a patient with learning disabilities or a disability that may mean a more routine examination is not suitable. Best Form Evidence This competency […]

Professional Conduct Competency 2.1

Competency 2.1 The ability to manage patients in a safe, ethical and confidential fashion This competency is simplicity in essence but is also quite easy to fail.  This competency assesses the ability of the trainee to behave in professional manner towards the patient. The trainee needs to demonstrate that they have shown consideration to patient […]

Communication & Professional Conduct Competency 1.10

Competency 1.10 The ability to communicate bad news to patients in an empathic and understandable way This competency deals with the capability of the trainee to discuss subjects with patients that may be of a difficult and often a distressing nature. Best Form Evidence In an ideal situation the Assessor would probably prefer to witness […]

Communication & Professional Conduct Competency 1.9

Competency 1.9 The ability to communicate with patients who have poor, or non-verbal, communication skills, or those who are confused, reticent or who might mislead This competency examines your capability to deal with patients who may be more difficult or challenging to communicate with.  You need to be able to conduct a thorough eye examination […]

Clinical Conundrum – what would you do?

As a locum I occasionally come across previous practitioner’€™s work which raises an eyebrow. However, I came across this young man recently: Age 10, routine review, asymptomatic. Previous practitioner reports: +0.50 R&L. No Rx given. Today the findings were RVA   6/5   +2.50 =  6/5 LV   6/5   +2.50 =  6/5 I believe […]

Barking up the wrong tree? The value of the Pinhole

Interesting case this.  I feel that this young man’s long journey through the hospital could have been prevented.  What do you think? Young Asian male, 21. In excellent health.  No relevant Family History. C/o reduction in his vision (one eye) over past 18 months.  Saw own optometrist 12 months ago who could not find a […]

Retinoscopy – What do you do with yours?

Over the past 18 months a friend of mine has been complaining of a deterioration her vision.  She is a soft CL and Spectacle wearer.  She originally complained that her new CL were not up to the job and even her glasses did not seem ‘strong enough’ (her words). After three visits to her own […]