Photophobic or Over Sensitive?

Bright light. It’s horrible. Who does like looking at bright light? I don’t. So when a patient presents with a chief complaint of photophobia, what are we meant to do? I have had two cases in the last two weeks.  The first was a student who felt that his photophobia had got progressively worse over […]

Do as I say, not as I do.

Most of us have bad habits, most of us do things we shouldn’t do, eat too much chocolate, or have one too many glasses of wine at the weekend. Most practicing Optometrists spend our days giving out advice and best practice to patients hoping that it will be followed. Always wash your hands before touching […]

Optical Appliances Competency 4.9

Competency 4.9 The ability to manage non-tolerance cases If a non-tolerance case occurs, practitioners must be able to logically identify the problem quickly and efficiently.  This competency assesses the trainee’s ability to listen to the patient and to solve the problem. Non-tolerance cases can occur for many reasons.  They could be generally categorised as, Pathological […]

The contact lens patient knows best

There I was, Friday afternoon, reflecting on a week comprising of mainly routine refractions but with the few interesting cases that kept my brain active. However, one area of clinical practice that I had observed during the week worried me: Contact lens wearers seem to know best!

Differential Prism – a common exam fail

A 78-year-old patient presented for refraction following a cataract extraction on the Right Eye. A nice easy start after lunch I thought.  During history and symptoms she explained there may have been some complications during the surgery but was unsure exactly what those complications had been.