Professional Conduct Competency 2.1

Competency 2.1 The ability to manage patients in a safe, ethical and confidential fashion This competency is simplicity in essence but is also quite easy to fail.  This competency assesses the ability of the trainee to behave in professional manner towards the patient. The trainee needs to demonstrate that they have shown consideration to patient […]

Pre-Registration FAQs: Ocular Disease & Investigative Techniques

At this time of the year, pre-registration trainees are once again completing their Assessments. Following the popular Ask the Examiner threads in the past, we have compiled all of the questions and answers as FAQs and regrouped them all according to subject. Our contributors have included Bill Harvey, Peter Chapman, Joy Myint, Dr Christine Astin, Prof David Henson, Henri Obstfeld, Catherine Viner, Miss Parul […]

Optical Appliances Competency 4.8

 An understanding of the application of complex low vision aids e.g. spectacle-mounted telescopes, CCTV Under this section, the group of ‘complex’ low vision aids consist of telescopes and electronic magnification systems, of which CCTV’s are just one type. As the majority of complex low vision aids are prescribed and dispensed by practitioners based either within […]

Jump In…

Jump In… CLEARVIEW Training was established on 2005 by optometrist Jane Macnaughton to provide education and training for the optical profession and industry. With CLEARVIEW, you will find a wide variety of informative, well-organised and thought provoking training solutions. With over fifteen years experience of organising and delivering educational programmes for Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians, and Pre-registration […]

Peter Chapman, Senior Associate Presenter & Online CET Development

Peter Chapman is an optometrist in private practice in Dorset and Somerset.  Peter started his career in optics by training as a Dispensing Optician, and then completed a degree in Optometry.  He now has his own practice in Somerset and also works part time for another independent practice. Peter has a special interest in dispensing […]