Preparing for Assessments. Your Guide to Visit 1


Time Management – the key to a successful pre-registration year

One of the most important features of the Scheme for Registration (SfR) is the need for short and long term planning so that you are able to prepare effectively for the assessment visits and final examinations.  Time Management is an effective results tool used throughout all successful businesses.

Effective planning can help you to achieve:

  • Better results
  • Better overview
  • Better utilization of your time

Most of us create lists in one form or another; for example task lists or reminder lists.  Most lists usually will have some reference to time; for example whether the tasks need to be completed today, or over the course of a week.  In the main, however, most of us never accomplish everything on our list; often we set our expectations too high, give some important tasks a low priority, or complete the things on the…

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