Sink or Swim! Online CET articles launching soon!

Oh dear, that’s a bad pun.  But we do like our goldfish! However, here at CLEARVIEW Training we have had many request for online CET.  So, whether you need a CET points top up or would like to find an article  more in line with your patient base or personal development plan then keep a look out here for our series of articles, launching soon.

Articles will be available for GOC registered Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, Contact Lens Opticians and Independent Prescribers and will be in different formats including Text based and VRICS quizzes.  All answers may be submitted online and points are uploaded at the end of every month (if you are in a hurry then tickle our tail fins and we can see what we can do to help…)

Practitioners may sign up for a one year package or simply Pay per Article. Convenient for those on the move, in the groove or swimming to avoid sinking catch up!

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