Sink or Swim! Online CET articles launching soon!

Oh dear, that’s a bad pun.  But we do like our goldfish! However, here at CLEARVIEW Training we have had many request for online CET.  So, whether you need a CET points top up or would like to find an article  more in line with your patient base or personal development plan then keep a […]

Protected: CET VRICS Article: Problems at the Periphery

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Peter’s Guide to Facial Measurements

Still getting your splay mixed up with your crest? For those of you currently preparing for the summer NonEEA exams, Peter has kindly been busy taking pictures to assist you in Dispensing. Please feel free to comment and let us now if you find them useful.  

Andrew Keirl, Senior Associate Lecturer

Andrew Keirl BOptom (Hons) MCOptom FBDO Andrew’s carer in optics started way back in 1979 as a student Dispensing Optician with Dollond & Atchison.  Following qualification as a Dispensing Optician he worked as a practice manager from 1982 to1984 before being appointed Training Officer for Dollond and Aitchison.  In 1989, he was asked to join […]

Professional Conduct Competency 2.4

Competency 2.4: The ability to make a judgement regarding referral and an understanding of referral pathways Referral of patients to another practitioner may be classed as an emergency, urgent or routine referral.  You need to know when to refer the patient to the GP, Hospital Eye Service or another eye care practitioner. This competency examines your […]

Communication Skills Competency 1.8

Competency 1.8: An ability to understand the patient’s expectations and aspirations and manage empathetically situations where these cannot be met This competency revolves predominantly around the “human” elements of the eye examination and practice. Best Form Evidence There is no compulsory evidence requested to demonstrate this competency. The Assessor could assess this competency via Direct Observation. […]

Visual Function Competency 3.8

Competency 3.8: An understanding of the special examination needs of patients with learning and other disabilities This competency deals with the trainee’s ability to adapt  the eye examination to meet he needs of a patient with learning disabilities or a disability that may mean a more routine examination is not suitable. Best Form Evidence This competency […]

Contact Lenses Competency 7.7

Competency 7.7: An understanding of and the ability to fit soft contact lenses to patients with astigmatism This competency requires the trainee to have a good understanding of how toric contact lenses work and to recognise the limitations of the different lens types.  The ability to fit these lenses requires the trainee to recognise when toric […]

Contact Lenses Competency 7.5

Competency 7.5: The ability to manage the aftercare of patients wearing rigid gas permeable lenses This competency assesses your ability to take a good history and symptoms from an existing rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens wearer and to manage any contact lens related signs or symptoms that the patient may present with.  Despite the decreasing number […]

The latest dieting aid revealed: blue tinted spectacles

The spectacles are designed to prevent dieters from overeating because they make food look less appealing. The theory behind the glasses is that the blue hue acts an appetite suppressant, because few foods are naturally that colour. The eyewear, developed in Japan, has recently gone on sale there priced around £10 and is expected to become the […]