Professional Conduct Competency 2.1

Competency 2.1 The ability to manage patients in a safe, ethical and confidential fashion

This competency is simplicity in essence but is also quite easy to fail.  This competency assesses the ability of the trainee to behave in professional manner towards the patient.

The trainee needs to demonstrate that they have shown consideration to patient safety that they interact with them in a professional manner and conduct examinations in a private environment.  They need to ensure that all exchanges are confidential.

Best Form Evidence

An Assessor will evidence this competency via a number of different methods.

Direct Observation: The Assessor will, at come stage, observe the interaction with a real patient.  The Assessor will look for courtesy and professional conduct.

When looking at Patient Records and Case Scenarios the Assessor will also look for evidence of appropriate behaviour.

An example from a record may look like this:

Px very nervous, reassured.

Px taking medication for HIV.

Px advised lights will not harm eye.

Unacceptable Evidence

A failure will be obtained by manhandling of the patient (e.g. with chin rest on slit-lamp); shouting or laughing at the patient; not managing the patient appropriately.

Inappropriate comments on the record are not advised:

E.g. do not write “Px is mad”

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