Caroline Christie says.. It’s Never Too Late – New Year’s Resolution 2012


YES there is still time, it is still that time of year when new beginnings and New Year Resolutions are still fresh and unbroken so an opportunity to try something new in terms of re-charging your “batteries” in 2012.

Look no further listed below here are some of my ideas:

Consider attending a training day specifically focused on a new subject, and enjoy! Find a link between the material presented and your practice. Ask a question to reinforce what you learned, which will help you remember. If you have a patient who has the condition being discussed, think about how what you learned applies to your patient, or the next patient you haven’t even seen yet.

Talk to a colleague about a case (real or hypothetical). Research has shown that a clinician’s preferred method of obtaining knowledge is through podium presentations or discussion with colleagues. So, take the time to pick a friend’s brain, or why not join a “peer review” session, over a drink or via WebEx.

Commit to managing dry eye disease. Okay, this is my pet subject. But even if it wasn’t, the uptake of dry eye by optometry has been remarkable in the last few years. It’s time to join the crowd. Optometrists are people-people who are willing to spend the chair time required to grow their practices. Practice management experts time-and-time again can show you the way to make dry eye a practice profit centre. Other ideas involve low vision – such as those provided by Associated Optical.

See one, do one, teach one. Have you mentored anyone lately? Mentorship comes in all shapes and sizes.   Mentor a staff member, a junior colleague, consider taking on an optometry student even if only part-time.  Mentor someone, and your own skill set will grow — whether it be personal or professional.

Think about enrolling for a higher qualification. If I can at my age and with my hectic schedule, so can you. Specialist certificates, higher diplomas, MSc modules are all option available to all.

Review your Work / Life Balance Circle.  Recently a friend showed me their work/life balance circle — a drawing they kept posted in their office. It is good to take some time to reflect on the things that matter to you. Create your own work/life/balance circle, and post it somewhere so that you can see it and someone can ask you about it.

Find your passion. I count myself fortunate to really love what I do in teaching, lecturing and consulting, yet there are so many other things I like and hope to find more time in 2012 to further appreciate, many of which involve my family.

Most of all, enjoy what you do in 2012!


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