Professional Conduct Competency 2.5

Competency 2.5 : The ability to demonstrate an understanding of the legal, professional and ethical obligations of a registered optometrist This competency looks at the trainee’s overall understanding of their professional obligations to their patients and to the public.  There are three essential documents that you must read and in some part learn in order to […]

Professional Conduct Competency 2.1

Competency 2.1 The ability to manage patients in a safe, ethical and confidential fashion This competency is simplicity in essence but is also quite easy to fail.  This competency assesses the ability of the trainee to behave in professional manner towards the patient. The trainee needs to demonstrate that they have shown consideration to patient […]

11 Interactive CET Points: One day Courses in Low Vision Hosted by Associated Optical

Associated Optical are currently hosting one day courses in Low Vision Practice. Launched in April 2012. Full details on course content and booking may be found on the Associated Optical Website here. Courses are CET Accredited for both Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians under the GOC’s enhanced CET Scheme. All presentations & workshops are interactive – […]

Caroline Christie says.. It’s Never Too Late – New Year’s Resolution 2012

  YES there is still time, it is still that time of year when new beginnings and New Year Resolutions are still fresh and unbroken so an opportunity to try something new in terms of re-charging your “batteries” in 2012. Look no further listed below here are some of my ideas: Consider attending a training […]

BBC News: App helps blind to send text messages

New technology to help blind people text using touchscreen mobile devices has been developed. Researchers at Georgia Tech produced the app – to be made available on Apple and Android devices – based on the Braille writing system. It is claimed typing with the app is up to six times faster than existing methods for […]

Carrots – one of the greatest urban myths

I gave a talk at a local school recently.  One boy put his hands up, ‘My mum tells me that eating lots of carrots helps you to see better in the dark.’ Whilst I would in no way wish to cross another parent’s comment on the importance of eating vegetables, especially with the great uphill […]

The New Bookswapshop service.

  We thought we would make it easier for you to keep in touch and swap books, articles advice and.. whatever. Join the discussion on our Bookswapshop! Page!

Communication & Professional Conduct Competency 1.10

Competency 1.10 The ability to communicate bad news to patients in an empathic and understandable way This competency deals with the capability of the trainee to discuss subjects with patients that may be of a difficult and often a distressing nature. Best Form Evidence In an ideal situation the Assessor would probably prefer to witness […]

Communication & Professional Conduct Competency 1.9

Competency 1.9 The ability to communicate with patients who have poor, or non-verbal, communication skills, or those who are confused, reticent or who might mislead This competency examines your capability to deal with patients who may be more difficult or challenging to communicate with.  You need to be able to conduct a thorough eye examination […]

New Locum Register Launched

The Locum Register was recently developed for practices to find locums without the need for an agency.  This is beneficial for practices so they can choose a locum directly and know who to expect on the day.  The locum will also know who they will be working for and can enquire about specific details of the […]