So it begins…

So, the question you are asking is why?  Easy answer…

As I started to mull over the first blog entry, I considered what activities are ongoing within the profession at this time and what I felt would be a good topic to initiate debate. However, I found that the list of subjects became so long that I could not decide where to start. Instead I jotted the list down on my laptop and then went out for a swim. However, when I came back to the office that evening I found my laptop stolen together with the weeks work and a variety of other electronic goods.

There is nothing like losing a PC to make you start again entirely afresh. So here we now are. No list this time just a blank page. Lets see where I go.

There is so much activity ongoing at the moment in the profession. There have been the recent run of elections for the College Council and the GOC; the first CET cycle has finally come to an end, with all the controversy and arguments of the past few years still clinging on relentlessly; the current optometry pre-reg are now looking towards the summer’s Final Assessment and the current undergraduates who have not secured a position for their pre-registration year are starting to become understandably twitchy. And, as the industry prepares for Optrafair once more, there is the GOS review, funding for Dispensing CET, and the RBS Six Nations Championship.

I have been involved in this profession for well over a decade (but thankfully still less than two!) and I have been fortunate to have had a varied a career, having spent it equally between the Hospital Eye Service, university teaching, independent and multiple practice. Not all at the same time I hasten to add. But no, I do not intend to go on about my own achievements and failures on this site, that would make for a very dull blog; what I do want to do is to bring together the great number of friends and colleagues I have had the pleasure to have worked with within each of those sectors and to create a blog that will initiate discussion and argument and, with education being a passion of mine, deliver a significant amount of learning.

So, I hope that you will read on, use the RSS feeds for regular updates, post your own comments and experiences, and contact us with your own ideas for entries. And finally I hope you find this site an entertaining and useful resource.

Oh, and if you find my laptop, ignore the list I created. I have already moved on from there.

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